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Welcome to Clio Ancient Art & Antiquities, offering a broad selection of antiquities, artifacts and ancient art in all price ranges, spanning 5,000 years of history, with a worldwide clientele. Click on one of the categories at left to access Roman antiquities, Byzantine antiquities, Greek antiquities, Cypriot antiquities  Egyptian antiquities, Holy Land and Biblical antiquities, ancient oil lamps, ancient coins, ancient glass and many other types of ancient Mediterranean art and artifacts, and related cultures. We regularly update our stock of fine antiquities so check back often. We continue to offer our antiquities identification and authentication services for antiquities collectors, museums and academia.
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We unconditionally guarantee the authenticity of every antiquity and ancient coin offered for sale, and believe that all those who do business in or collect ancient art have a responsibility to preserve this heritage for future generations. Clio Ancient Art and Antiquities adheres to all international laws and conventions governing the transfer of cultural property.

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We also offer Books and catalogs related to collecting antiquities and ancient art: . This section includes valuable research publications, antiquarian works related to antiquities, ancient art auction catalogs and both framed and unframed artwork inspired by the ancient world.
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